🏆 2023 BIBA® Christian Non-Fiction Winner!

Biblical Keys to Life: The Questions We Have and the Answers We Need

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Christian Non-Fiction Winner!

Society is filled with dysfunction. It’s all over the world. It’s in all of our lives, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how to put an end to the cycle, how to get off the hamster wheel, and how to really start living. Don’t try to figure out how to be happy. Know how.

When it comes to God, we want to know what to believe. Is He really real, and what’s He really like?

When it comes to life, we want to know, “What’s the point of it and how to find happiness?”

We want to know why life sucks and how to fix it!

When it comes to mankind, we want to know, “What’s wrong with people? Why do people do what they do?”

We even have trouble understanding ourselves at times and we want to know, “What in the world is wrong with me?”

Well, been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

From a world of confusion to a life of clarity, I’ve got the blueprint. If you’re ready to stop being a part of the crowd and find out what few understand about God, life, and mankind, this book is for you. This book is also for everyone you know!

What you will receive from this book can be summed up in one word.


No decoding, no special formulas, no beating around the bush. Straight with no chaser; to the point, clear cut answers. You will no longer find yourself asking, “Why? Why? Why?” You will walk away with clarity that will turn your life completely around. If you’re tired of feeling clueless and are ready to stop settling for the usual, “That’s just life” explanations, open this page-turner and get ready to find out…

What’s the deal with God, man, and this thing called life?

LATINA NICHOLE SMITH is an award-winning author who specializes in personal and spiritual growth. Her mission is teaching others how to apply God’s Word and Wisdom to life so they can obtain clarity in life, become all God created them to be, and escape the typical life of confusion, dysfunction, lack, and defeat. Her ability to simplify complex concepts enables her to effectively lead others into a life of clarity and purpose through biblical instruction.

After witnessing disturbing levels of chaos, confusion, and dysfunction in the world and in her life, Latina was determined to find the remedy, and that she did. After achieving more than satisfactory results, Latina couldn’t help but share all she gathered and experienced with those looking for a step-by-step guide to a better world and a better life.

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