🏆 2020 BIBA™ Illustration Winner!

Corona Diary 2020

Illustrator: Vic Lee

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2020 BIBA Illustration Winner! –

Vic Lee is an artist and illustrator based in South East London, UK. He has gained a reputation for his hand painted murals and intricate detailed pen work. Vic combines storytelling with elaborate flourishes, elegant illustration and decorative typography.

He has been commissioned by the World’s biggest brands, companies and agencies to create beautifully ornate hand painted murals, using pens and waterbased inks as well as limited edition packaging, advertising and starring in live painting events.

A confident speaker, Vic has shared his skills, work ethics and inspirations at many talks around the World as a guest speaker.

Some of his clients include Nike, Virgin Atlantic, Mercedes, JLR, M&S, Sainsburys and Edringtons. As well as having a dedicated range commissioned by The Tate.

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