Non-Fiction Submission

How The Non-Fiction Category Works

We maintain the Non-Fiction category as a stand-alone category for general non-fiction. But each year, as we receive entries and evaluate them, we divide the Non-Fiction category into sub-categories. We can divide into several categories every year depending on how many entries we receive and what the sub-category will bear. For example, if we see several entries in the Non-Fiction category that fall under a Health sub-category, and the writing is very strong, we add Health to the categories for that particular year, while still maintaining the General Non-Fiction category.

Dividing Non-Fiction into more specific categories throughout the year allows authors more opportunity within the Best Indie Book Award contest. This can encompass several non-fiction categories, such as Self-Help, Health, Business and Investing, or even Political subjects. Likewise, we do the same in other multi-genre categories available within the contest. Once the award winners have been chosen and we roll into the new contest year, we will once again open just the General Non-Fiction category, and the process starts all over again. We open sub-categories every year depending on what type of entries we are receiving in the Non-Fiction category. Again, this is true of all the multi-genre categories, such as Science Fiction/Dystopian and Fantasy/Paranormal.