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2024 Best Indie Book Awards®

The annual Best Indie Book Award® (or BIBA®) is an international literary awards contest recognizing self-published and independently published authors from all over the world. Entries are limited to independently (indie) published books, including those from small presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors.

We accept submissions from all over the world, but the books must be written in English.

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What People Are Saying About Us

A Truly Awesome Experience! I wanted to (once again) express my gratitude to the entire BIBA team for winning one of last year’s Best Indie Book Awards for my last collection Miserable Adventure Stories. I think it’s highly likely that last year’s award caught Skyhorse’s attention and moved them to offer me a book deal for the series. And for that, I am extremely grateful to BIBA! Good luck with this year’s candidates! It was a truly awesome experience being one of last year’s winners!

Alex Bernstein
Alex Bernstein2018 BIBA Winner

Highly Recommended. I was honored to win the 2017 Children’s Award, and ever since then, BIBA has done an excellent job of maintaining a connection and supporting me (and all other) authors in incredible ways. They constantly retweet my big announcements and work and help to get the word out about most things that I do! I’m not sure if this is typical of indie book awards, but regardless it is incredibly supportive and kind. Highly recommend them for their support of indie authors!

Rashad Malik DavisRaMalik Illustrations

I highly recommend them! They are super friendly and a fantastic opportunity for my authors to submit their books for a chance to get noticed.

Sam UhlThe Cheerful Word

Best Award an Indie Author Can Receive! Thank you, Best Indie Book Award. I’m always so humbled by your relentless support of my efforts as a writer.

G. Egore PitirAuthor of Face Of Our Father

The Best Indie Book Award® is a legitimate writing competition.

Entries will be judged based on multiple writing skills, which include story-telling ability, author’s ability to engage the reader, transitions, pacing, movement of the story, hooks, and author’s skill with voice, character, dialogue, narrative, grammar, and punctuation. Winning a BIBA® is something an author can be proud of!

The Best Indie Book Award® has been mentioned by many best-selling authors and on many author-related websites and blogs. Previous winners include USA Today and New York Times best-selling authors, movie producers, actors, and independent authors from around the globe.

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Best Indie Book Awards Writing Competition

How Do We Define Independently Published?

Anyone who retains the publishing rights to their book is eligible to enter the Best Indie Book Award® contest. So, self-published authors, and authors published by small, independent presses, university presses, independent partner publishers, or vanity presses are all eligible to enter the BIBA®.

Literary Categories To Be Judged:

  1. Action/Adventure
  2. Children
  3. Children’s Middle Grade/Tween
  4. Christian (Fiction/Non-Fiction)
  5. Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural
  6. Historical Fiction
  7. Humor/Satire
  8. LGBTQ2
  9. Non-Genre/Literary Fiction
  10. Mystery/Cozy Mystery
  11. Novella
  12. Other Fiction
  13. Romance
  14. Science-Fiction
  15. Short Story Collection/Poetry Collection
  16. Suspense/Thriller
  17. Trilogy
  18. Young Adult
  19. Non-Fiction
  20. Non-Fiction> Academics/Teaching
  21. Non-Fiction> Biography
  22. Non-Fiction> Business/Investing/Marketing
  23. Non-Fiction> Cooking/Cookbook/Gardening
  24. Non-Fiction> Crafting/Hobbies/How-To
  25. Non-Fiction> Health/Fitness
  26. Non-Fiction> History
  27. Non-Fiction> Inspirational/Motivational
  28. Non-Fiction> Memoir
  29. Non-Fiction> New Age/Spirituality/Philosophy
  30. Non-Fiction> Parenting/Pregnancy
  31. Non-Fiction> Politics/Economics/Sociology
  32. Non-Fiction> Psychology/Grieving/Caregiving
  33. Non-Fiction> Religion
  34. Non-Fiction> Self Help
  35. Non-Fiction> Travel

There Will Be One Winner In Each Category.
Winners Will Receive:

  • The Best Indie Book Award® Emblem to proudly display on their website and book cover. The emblem can be used to promote your book wherever you like.
  • A physical Best Indie Book Award® trophy to display at book signings, in their office, or at home.
  • Their winning book featured in advertising, email, social networks, and promoted by other means.
  • Their book is displayed on the front page of the Best Indie Book Award® website, and listed on the permanent, archived “Winners” page of this site.
  • Ongoing Promotion of the winning book through social media, print advertising, online advertising, email lists, and more. (100,000+ followers)
  • Winners can proudly mention their award everywhere, including in their book blurb and bio.
  • Added to the BIBA® Winners list on Goodreads.
  • Custom Promotional Images to use.
  • Promotion across multiple websites.

Book Of The Year Award

New! BIBA will be awarding a $500.00 cash prize and trophy to the author of the Book of the Year! Click here for more details.

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