Terms of Use:

(Updated 8/17/19)

1. All books entered by you must be independently published and you must have full rights. (This means the book must be self-published by the author. In other words, you retain full rights to your book.) We have broadened the award to include books published by small, independent presses.

2. Acceptable Books: If you are self-published through sites like Amazon’s KDP, Smashwords, Createspace or Pubit, or you are published through a vanity press where you retain your rights and remain autonomous, you can enter your book in the Best Indie Book Award™ contest.  We have broadened the award to include books published by small, independent presses. (Most independent authors are eligible. If in doubt on your rights, check with your publishing company.)

3. Not Acceptable: Your book is published by major publishers, such as HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster. Penguin, or any other major publisher and you have a contract where you do NOT have full publishing rights.

4. Fiction entries are limited to independently published, full length novels consisting of 45,000 words or more. Novellas/Short Story Collections should be between 7,500 and 45,000 words.

5. Non-fiction entries are limited to independently published books of 25,000 words or more.

6. Childrens entries have no minimum word count.

7. We will accept any indie book that has been published after 2012. (The book must be currently available for sale.)

8. All entrants must be 18 years old or older.

9. The Best Indie Book Award™ contest is open to anyone who has independently published the book they wish to enter.

10. Each entrant understands and accepts that entry fees are non-refundable, and by making payment and submitting your book, you agree to the terms of use.

11. If an entrant pays for entrance into the contest and fails to submit a Mobi, ePub, PDF, or Word doc of their complete book, the entry fee will be forfeited by the author. (We will try to contact entrants to let them know if we did not receive their file, or if there was a problem with it, so they can send us an acceptable file.)

12. We accept Kindle Mobi, ePub, PDF, Word Doc or Docx file formats of your complete novel. We do not convert files for entrants.

13. If there are no viable books (books written well enough to achieve award status) in a particular category, we reserve the right not to present an award for that specific category. Awards are given to books that score high enough based on our judging protocol. This is true for every category. No matter how many entries are received in any given category, if no book garners the high score needed to win the category, then no award will be given for that respective category, and no refunds will be given to the entrants of that category. Our goal is to award high quality writing, and we strive to improve our award as much as possible.

14. Due to the high cost of shipping outside the United States, physical awards may not be shipped to any winners that live outside the United States. In lieu of a trophy, a certificate will be mailed, and the winner will also receive the digital award emblem that all winners receive. * We will, however, do all we can to ensure winners receive their trophy. In such instances, we will contact the winner to make arrangements for delivery. If no viable method of delivery is available, a certificate will be mailed in lieu of a trophy, and the winner will also receive the digital award emblem to use that all winners receive. To date; all of our winners have received the physical trophy.

15. Your book rights remain your own. We are not a publisher. The Best Indie Book Award is a contest. By entering, you are not signing a publishing agreement.

16. You may enter more than one book in the contest, but each entry must be accompanied by the $50 entry fee. So, if you enter two books in the contest, your entry fees will total $100, and so on. Entry fees are non-refundable.

17. All judges in the contest will remain anonymous. No exceptions to this rule. In addition, entrant information is kept strictly confidential.

18. No information will be given regarding the number of books entered in the contest or who entered. (With the exception of announcing the winners.)

19. We are unable to provide non-winning authors with judging notes or information about exactly where their book ranked in the contest. Doing so would require an enormous amount of manpower, resulting in higher entries fees.

20. Each year the annual Best Indie Book Award™ will be open for submission on January 1st.

21. Entries will be judged based on multiple writing skills, which include story-telling ability, author’s ability to engage the reader, transitions, pacing, movement of the story, author’s skill with voice, character, dialogue, and narrative. Grammar skills will also be taken into consideration.

22. One winner will be announced for each category.

23. If you submit an entry without payment, your entry will be deleted within 24 hours of submission and will not be judged.

24. Winners will be announced by December 30th of each year.

25. We maintain the right to move a book to the correct category without notice if we feel it was entered in the wrong genre.

26. If after due diligence we are unable to contact a winner, we reserve the right to disqualify said winner, and if possible, award the title to another author in that category.

27. We do not offer detailed feedback as to why a book did not make it to the finals or to winner status. With our high volume of entries, we are not able to offer judge’s comments or placement information on books entered.

28. We do not give finalist awards. We only award and announce 1 winner per category.

29. All entries must be original work.

30. When we receive a high number of mixed entries in a combined category, we will split that category for that given year and award a winner in each respective category. (For example, if we receive a high number of fantasy books and a high number of paranormal books in the Fantasy/Paranormal category, we will split the category into a Fantasy Category and a Paranormal category to give the authors a better chance.

31. It is your responsibility to send us the best version of the book you are entering in the BIBA.  Because our judging process begins within a few hours of you submitting your book, we cannot, and do not, accept additional upgraded, re-edited versions of your book after the fact.  We will only judge the copy that you originally submitted.

32. By entering, you grant us the right to use your likeness, your pen name, your book cover, book description, any links to the book, your website, your social accounts, and any other information we deem necessary in order to promote the entered book, should it win.

33. You (Entrant, Author or End User) will indemnify and hold BestIndieBookAward.com and its licensees, successors and assigns, and their distributors, customers, officers, directors, members, employees and agents, harmless against any expense (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees and disbursements) or judgment, settlement or other liability arising out of any claim or legal proceeding asserting claims contrary to any warranty or representation made by You in this Agreement.

34. By entering, each entrant agrees to these terms.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice.