What People Are Saying About BIBA

Testimonials for Best Indie Book award.

Awesome Organization for Indie Writers

“The staff is great! The Award is very professional in its appears and the organizations outreach is great for marketing new authors.”

Andre Davis

Davis Group
Aug 9, 2022


“A wonderful way to celebrate indie authors. “

Melanie ann

Melanie ann arts Author and Illustrator
Sep 21, 2022

Check Them Out!

“If you’re an Indie author, check them out!!”

JoAnn Wagner

Sir Pigglesworth, Inc.
Sep 21, 2022

BIBA has become one of the premier awards for indie authors.

“Dedicated to the literary field, helping authors get the recognition they deserve.”

Michael D Lackey

Aug 9, 2022

Best of the Indie book awards!

“The finest of all the Indie book awards. I’m so honored and humbled.”

G. Egore Pitir

Author of Face Of Our Father
Aug 9, 2022

I highly recommend them!

“They are super friendly and a fantastic opportunity for my authors to submit their books for a chance to get noticed.”

Sam Uhl

The Cheerful Word
Aug 9, 2022

Best Indie Book Award (BIBA) fills a necessary literary gap.

“We live in a time when reading is less popular than scrolling. Thank you, BIBA, for reminding the world that personal growth is impossible without books (and has been for centuries!).”

Michael Benzehabe

Aug 9, 2022